When A Car Accident Lawyer In Minneapolis Is Essential

When A Car Accident Lawyer In Minneapolis Is Essential

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, there were approximately 78,465 reported vehicle accidents across the state. Of these, reported crashes there were 145,178 vehicles damaged and 175,115 people involved. Of the people involved, 29,412 were injured, and 358 people died from the results of a vehicle accident.

In many of these car accidents, particularly those typically called “fender benders” where there is no personal injuries and very limited damage to vehicles, a car accident lawyer is rarely required. However, even some of these small crashes can result in big repair bills, so if the other driver is not insured, it is important to talk to an experienced Minneapolis car crash lawyer.

There are several red flags that should alert drivers involved in a vehicle accident to retain the services of a car accident lawyer. The following are two situations where having legal representation is critical.

Significant Injury or Loss of Life

Whenever there is a significant injury or loss of life in a vehicle accident, working with an experienced car accident lawyer is essential to ensure you get a fair settlement. Often insurance companies try to provide an immediate settlement that does not include future medical bills, loss of earning capabilities, rehab therapy, pain and suffering and other types of damages. The same is also true if there is a loss of life in the accident.

Significant Property Damage

Most Minneapolis drivers are surprised to find out how difficult it can be to be compensated fairly by insurance companies if there are significant property damages that occurred in the car accident.

Working with an experienced law firm and an attorney is instrumental in negotiating and fair settlement with the insurance companies, and then moving forward to litigation if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

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