When Glass Replacements in Reno NV Are Better Than a Repair- and When They Aren’t

To repair a window or to replace it- that is the question. Shakespeare said this many years ago, or something like it anyway, and it stuck. It’s a question homeowners have asked for millions of years (or at least the last 100), and it begs a pretty open-ended discussion. Should the glass window be replaced entirely or would Glass Replacements in Reno NV be a better option?

There are times where one is clearly more preferred than the other. But, one method is typically a little better. For the sake of energy efficiency, a repair is better than a replacement. So, why is this the case?

Repairs Get to the Root of a Problem

A repair will take a look at the fundamental problem of the window. Take, for example, an old window with a bad seal. The window replacement will replace the window glass. It may not replace the frame. In some cases, the frame can be replaced as well. But, it still doesn’t fit properly. There is still an issue with the seal. What the repair will do is look at the full frame and explore what is wrong with everything. It can find a leak or a bad seal.

When replacements are Better

Glass Replacements in Reno NV are a far better option in one specific circumstance. If a homeowner is looking to sell, and they are boosting the value of the property, a replacement is better. Frankly, it is a better sell. A potential buyer is more intrigued by the claim of “brand new windows” than “repaired windows.” It doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy. With that said, a repair is better because it can repair more than just a window. A repair can look at the underlying problem, and not just at how pretty the window is or how clear it seems to be. A repair is more affordable, but a replacement will typically boost equity value further and appear better.

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