A Brain Injury Lawyer in New London, CT Needs Medical Verification and Witnesses to the Incident

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Lawyers

Many individuals who suffer a head injury recover fully and never have lingering effects. In contrast, others may not realize for quite some time that they experienced a traumatic brain injury. Perhaps after an accident, the only symptom they developed was a headache, and that probably seemed normal. It was only later that they began dealing with unexplained irritability, short-term memory problems, occasional blurred vision and other troubling symptoms. Headaches may continue to occur and increase in severity. These individuals may want to contact a brain injury lawyer in New London, CT to learn whether they may qualify for financial compensation and how to proceed. They may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses.

Before seeking legal advice, the person should see a doctor as soon as possible. A doctor can use diagnostic tools to assess the patient’s state. Medical treatment may fully solve the problem or at least minimize the symptoms. Medical advice is essential for dealing with a brain injury. In addition, a brain injury lawyer in New London, CT cannot begin negotiations for an insurance company settlement without documentation from medical professionals about the person’s injury. Insurers want medical verification, and they will also demand verification that the incident happened as the individual claims.

A person cannot simply claim that they fell down on an icy sidewalk and suffered a head injury if there is no evidence that this actually happened. An insurance company will expect at least one witness to corroborate the incident. If the person did not seek medical treatment and now it’s a week or two later, filing a claim becomes even more difficult. An attorney such as Stephen M. Reck will ask the prospective client questions about how the accident might be verified. Maybe they will be able to locate some witnesses by determining who was in the area at the time and if they saw the individual fall. Sometimes lawyers post notices in newspapers asking witnesses to come forward. Click here to begin the process of receiving legal assistance regarding a brain injury incident.

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