Where to Sell Loose Diamonds in Texas

As gold and silver prices skyrocketed, many people cashed in on their old, broken, and unwanted jewelry. Since most dealers were not offering as favorable of prices on gemstones, it left many people with loose jewels that had been removed from their rings, earrings, and other jewelry they decided to scrap. Anyone with loose diamonds should be aware that now is a great time to clear away many of these loose stones they are not planning to put into new settings.

Diamond prices have now increased after facing a large drop in value around the same time as the recession began. Over the last few years, the prices have been stable, and many people feel that now is a good time to consider selling or trading in their unwanted stones. It is easy to sell loose diamonds in Texas. It can be done to an individual buyer, through an auction, or with a gold and silver buyer.

In some instances, it may seem more profitable to sell to an interested individual or through an auction but, to accomplish this, it will usually require seeking the assistance of a jeweler who can certify that each gem is genuine and determine its weight, clarity, and quality. This takes time and money to accomplish.

Instead, a professional buyer will determine the quality of the diamonds for themselves with no charge to the seller. They offer a fair market price based on the current value of the diamonds. This is easy for the seller to verify for themselves, so they can feel confident about the price they are receiving. There are numerous online sites that update the going rate on precious metals and gems and most are updated monthly.

To Sell Loose Diamonds in Texas, people only need to take their collection to a buyer. If they agree to the price, they can receive cash immediately. If not, they keep their diamonds and pay nothing for the appraisal or offer. It is the same process as many will have used when they initially sold their gold and silver. Visit Franklin Gold & Silver Exchange to find out how to schedule an appointment today.

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