Why a Driver Might Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in College Park

Why a Driver Might Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in College Park

A truck accident lawyer in College Park might be able to help drivers who were involved in an accident with a truck. Understand that each accident involving a truck is different. Some cases are much more difficult than others. Drivers should understand the risk factors involved with trucks or they could get into accidents.

Sleep Deprivation

What happens when a truck driver doesn’t get enough sleep? Trying to keep control of a big rig is a hard enough task even when the person is fully rested. When a truck driver is sleep deprived, they will have reduced reaction time. They will have a hard time paying attention to the road and their surroundings. Drivers should be aware that there are trucks on the road with sleep deprived operators. As such, drivers should be more alert when they are around trucks. A truck accident lawyer in College Park can help with any claims against a truck driver.

Braking Time

The lawyers who work at the Jaklitsch Law Group know about truck accidents, and they know that it’s harder for trucks to stop than for cars. Far too often, drivers don’t take into consideration that trucks require a much greater braking distance. If a truck driver isn’t paying attention to the road, they might not be able to stop in time in order to avoid an accident. Drivers shouldn’t just assume truck drivers are paying attention to them.

Blind Spots

Anyone who is driving a car and is directly next to a truck has to understand that they might be in a blind spot. For the most part, it’s safer for a driver to either be in front of a truck or somewhere behind the truck where their vehicle is clearly visible. That’s why some drivers choose to let trucks move ahead of them instead of driving directly next to their cars. It’s the responsibility of a truck driver to eliminate blind spots with the help of mirrors, but drivers shouldn’t assume that every truck driver has successfully dealt with their blind areas.

Drivers just have to be a lot more careful around trucks. A truck accident can cause some serious damage and injuries.

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