Why A Homeowner Should Leave Honey Bee Control In Pittsburgh To A Professional?

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Pest Control

A swarm of bees can be extremely dangerous, and when they set up a hive around a house, one of the worst things a homeowner can do is attempt to remove them. Bees become very aggressive when they feel their hive is being threatened and will attack anything that is trying to move their colony. A professional with experience in Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh will be able to assess the conditions of the hive and remove it safely, leaving a house free of a bee infestation.

Future Prevention

A professional will be able to determine what caused the bees to invade a home and can help a homeowner identify the best way to prevent future colonies from setting up a hive in the same location. Though they most likely form on low hanging branches, they can also develop in attics and on the eaves of a home, which makes them trickier to remove without upsetting the hive and provoking an attack.

Bee Conservation

Honey bees are an integral part of the ecosystem, and their pollination abilities are an invaluable tool in the production of fruits and vegetables. This makes it crucial to remove the bees without harming them. A company that provides Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh will be able to extract the colony using safe chemicals and can then relocate them to a honey bee farm so they can continue to thrive and fulfill their duty in the pollination process.

Safe Removal

One wrong move can cause honey bees to enter attack mode in which they will swarm and completely cover the individual that is closest. A technician will utilize specialized sprays that will make the bees lethargic, which allows them to remove the bees and their hive and prevent them from re-establishing. It is imperative to keep those who are allergic to bee stings as far away from a colony as possible during the extraction process.

A honey bee swarm is a rare occurrence, and though it can be a beautiful act of nature, it can quickly become dangerous. The team at The-Beeman can remove them safely and quickly while keeping the homeowners and the bees safe from harm. Visit the-beeman.com to learn more about the services they provide and make bee removal a straightforward process.

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