Why Is Substance Abuse in the News Every day?

Why Is Substance Abuse in the News Every day?

Doesn’t it appear, every time you turn on the television or the radio, they are talking about substance abuse? It’s not happening less, rather, it’s happening more and more. Why is that?

One main reason that substance abuse issues are talked about so much, has to do with the fatalities. Last year, over 37,000 Americans died from Opiate overdoses alone. In the past ten years in the U.S.; over 250,000 have died from unintentional Opiate overdoses. That’s over a quarter of a million people!

The Opiate Epidemic is the main reason why substance abuse is in the news every day. One tragic thing about overdose deaths from Opiates is that, the deaths often involve young people. Teenagers and folks in their 20s and 30s. Since this keeps happening, it continuously ends up in the news.

Another reason substance abuse is in the news so frequently, is because our health care system hasn’t been particularly effective at preventing young people from using drugs in the first place. Since the healthcare system in the United States does not afford everyone with basic healthcare, many who could benefit from treatment, do not have the resources to pay for treatment. There are lots of folks who are addicted to drugs and who want to get off drugs; but they sadly cannot afford any treatment.

If you have a drug problem, or you know someone that does; help is available. Since 2005, The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic of South Mississippi has been the regions premier outpatient clinic for drug and alcohol problems. Call for more information at 601-261-9101, or find them on the web at: www.TheDrugandAlcoholDetoxClinic.com. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update! There’s Still Hope!

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