Filing a Claim for a Dog Attack with an Injury Attorney in Gonzales, LA

Filing a Claim for a Dog Attack with an Injury Attorney in Gonzales, LA

In Louisiana, a dog attack is often caused by a failure to maintain control over the animal. Inside the city limits, all pet owners are required to use leashes when their dogs are outside. The ordinances may also require the owner to place the dog in outdoor enclosures to prevent access to the public, too. An injury attorney in Gonzales, LA represents victims who are injured in a dog attack.

Locating the Dog

The first task of the animal control officer is to locate the dog involved in the attack. If the victim knows who owns the dog, they can provide the information to their doctor when they seek treatment. The doctor will file a report with the animal control officer for their patient.

Was the Dog Vaccinated?

When evaluating the dog, the animal control officer will ask to see the dog’s vaccination records. The pet owner must provide updated rabies vaccination records or face the full cost of quarantine. The quarantine lasts twelve days during which the dog must stay at an animal clinic and is supervised by a licensed vet. The vet reports back to the animal control officer and determines if the dog has rabies. If it doesn’t, the owner must pay the full cost of the new vaccinations along with the quarantine and fines.

How Severe Were the Injuries?

The severity of the victim’s injuries determines if the dog is released to their owner or not. If the victim lost a limb or must be hospitalized, the animal control officer can take possession of the dog. If the dog is considered a risk to the public, it is possible that it will be euthanized.

When are Strict Liabilities Used?

Strict liabilities apply if the dog was involved in a previous attack. The ruling requires the pet owner to pay certain tort-based requirements. According to the liability, the owner knew the dog was dangerous and failed to protect the victim.

In Louisiana, a dog attack presents certain liabilities for the owner. If a visitor is injured, the owner is liable. However, if the victim didn’t have permission to be at or on the property, they could be deemed responsible for their injuries. Victims who need assistance from an injury attorney in Gonzales, LA can set up a consultation right now.

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