Why There Is an Increased Demand for Cremation in Atlantic Highlands

Cremation is quickly becoming the popular choice for Atlantic Highland funerals. While area professionals like John P. Condon Funeral Home still get a lot of requests for burials, changing religious attitudes, environmental concerns, and personal preferences are fueling an increase in cremations. The options do not rule out traditional arrangements, either. When clients choose cremation Atlantic Highlands, funeral directors can still customize services to suit any belief system or personal requests.

Many Religions Now Allow Cremation

For thousands of years, Western religions specified that the dead be honored at church services and then buried in holy ground. Burials were so important to doctrines that non-believers and anyone considered evil were often laid to rest far from church grounds. However, most faiths have gradually relaxed their rulings on burials and now accept cremation. Even when they choose cremation Atlantic Highlands, faithful can still arrange for embalming, viewings, and classic ceremonies. Bodies are simply cremated afterward instead of being buried.

Affordable Cremation Provides Simple Dignity

Clients who have lived simple lives or do not enjoy elaborate funerals often choose cremation. Some pre-plan their own arrangements and provide detailed instructions. This allows them to pay for their services and ensure the exact send-offs they want. Practical people who do not want to spend a lot of money on their funerals often make this choice. That is because burial requires a casket and vault, burial plot, and headstone. Funerals can cost several thousand dollars. In contrast, even the most elaborate cremation arrangements typically cost less than half what traditional funerals cost.

Personal Beliefs Often Rule Out Burial

Funeral professionals also get cremation requests from clients or families who simply do not like the idea of burial. Some are environmentally friendly and do not want to use valuable land for a cemetery plot. They also want to avoid putting potentially toxic embalming fluids and casket materials into the ground. Then there are those who just dislike the idea of being buried underground. They often request to have their cremains scattered in meaningful locations.

Requests for cremation are on the rise, partially because more religions now allow the practice. Budget-conscious clients wanting dignified, simple funerals also choose cremation. In addition, cremation is popular among those who dislike the idea of burial because of personal or environmental beliefs.

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