With Production Still Growing, the State of Natural Gas Compression in Oklahoma is Strong

by | May 3, 2017 | Business

Renewable sources like solar and wind power have received a lot of attention in recent years, but the real energy story in North America has been natural gas. Natural gas production has boomed across the United States and Canada in recent years, with new technologies enabling far more cost-effective extraction of this relatively clean fossil fuel. The surge in production has been so striking, in fact, that various kinds of supporting infrastructures have struggled to keep up. With natural gas shipping terminals typically costing billions to build, for example, a significant global backlog in such amenities is currently holding back free worldwide trade in the fuel.

On the other hand, other important services have done a much better job of accommodating the impressive growth in natural gas extraction activity of recent years. When it is initially pulled from the ground, natural gas will tend to be at roughly atmospheric pressure, with geological forces typically adding a bit to the total. To be stored or transported efficiently, however, natural gas must first be squeezed into a much tighter space.

Get more information on the matter and it will become clear that producers have access to plenty of excellent sources of assistance with this important form of efficiency-boosting activity. In most cases, these providers maintain their own operations close to sources of production to make everything as easy as possible for all involved.

Specialists at natural gas compression in Oklahoma, for instance, do a fine job of making it simple to move the fuel from the places it is extracted to wherever it might need to end up. By offering rental equipment and other kinds of support, they allow producers to turn their atmospheric supplies of gas into pressurized forms that are ready to move, store, or sell.

While other types of supporting infrastructure are still playing catch up, the state of Natural Gas Compression in Oklahoma is such that even the most ambitious producers are supported very well. With natural gas extraction activity looking likely to ramp up even more significantly in the near future, this will undoubtedly be a valuable and important reality for a long time to come.

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