Advantages of Heating Oil in Norwich CT Compared With Natural Gas

When someone wants to move to a different part of the country and is free to go virtually anywhere, the cost of living in different regions often is a factor in narrowing down the options. This person might be interested in moving to Connecticut, for instance, if family members or close friends live there and job possibilities seem plentiful. Winters can be long and cold, however, so the cost of heat must be considered. Many residences use Heating Oil in Norwich CT to keep the house warm, a person will want to learn about fuel pricing before deciding whether to buy a house with an oil furnace or choosing one with natural gas.

Prices for natural gas and for Heating Oil in Norwich CT fluctuate for various reasons. However, heating oil has usually cost less than natural gas for the past two decades. Another point to consider is that an oil-fueled furnace has a much longer average lifespan than a natural gas model does. A well-maintained oil furnace has an average lifespan of at least 30 years, whereas the average longevity for a well-maintained natural gas model is less than half that. Learning how old the furnace is before buying a home can help the prospective buyer make a decision if money will be tight.

Interestingly, a water heater fueled by oil recovers its hot water supply about twice as fast as one fueled by natural gas. That’s important for a family needing to share the hot water in the morning for several showers. It’s also helpful when guests are staying overnight and more demand is placed on the water heater in the morning.

Some homeowners like an oil furnace because it gives them more control over their fuel supply and use. With a tank located on the property, homeowners can readily monitor their usage with a tank fuel gauge, and can turn the thermostat down if they see they are using too much.

A company such as Andersen Oil Co. can provide potential new customers with current prices and information on various types of delivery services. Anyone who is interested may read more here.

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