Benefits To Completing Big Data Training For Current Professionals

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Education

Sometimes as professionals already successful within your career it is easy to get complacent about staying on top of new technologies and new opportunities for professional development.

While current professionals with established reputations in their own company and department typically have a high level of job security that is not always the case. It can be problematic if they start to fall behind compared to what new recruits are able to bring to the employer.

This is where the big data training offered at RSquare Edge can add to your resume while also building your immediate real world skills. You are probably already involved in some aspect of the decision making and analysis for marketing, sales and company growth options, but with this training you will be on the cutting edge of this new business essential skill.

Learning the Theory

As a current professional, your big data training is most likely developed by your own drive to keep current with business processes. You have worked to teach yourself about analytics and big data, perhaps reading information, practicing with the different software applications and getting your feet wet through just digging in and working with the data.

However, as with any type of training, self-study can only go so far. Additionally, most of the information you will find with regards to analytics and big data is already outdated or certainly not on the most current and relevant information.

When you complete the RSquare Edge training in New York, you are immersed in the theory, allowing you to go beyond just learning techniques to actually understanding why some choices of applications and analysis work more effectively than others for given decision-making needs.

Interacting with Professional Instructors

One of the ways that our New York big data training is different than other trainings offered in the city or across the country is our emphasis on our selection of faculty. Each of our trainers is carefully selected for their academic as well as professional backgrounds.

Our faculty boasts Ph.D. level trainers with extensive experience in analytics and management at some of the top companies in the United States and around the world. In the New York-based program, you will be immersed in 12 weeks of training with these experts, providing you with an amazing hands-on experience in big data as well as analytics that is truly one of a kind.

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