Why to Choose a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Begin searching for a facility to treat a domestic pet and names may pop up that offer mobile grooming and other services. Some now offer to come to the home to give pets vaccinations or provide other services. Before agreeing to let one of these people near the cat or dog, it’s best to learn their credentials. Becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) isn’t an easy task. Thus people need to ensure that is who is seeing their precious pet. Why is this designation so important?

Veterinary Medicine doctors are required to undergo four years of vet school. This is broken down into three years of work in the classroom and an additional year of clinical training. Topics covered during the training include biology, pharmacology, physics, anatomy and more. Students may then be mandated to complete an internship. The training required is designed to ensure the vet can handle any case that comes in the door and that he or she won’t overlook certain symptoms or misdiagnose them. A person without this type of training may offer services, yet they don’t have the in-depth knowledge needed to medically care for the pet.

The clinical experience is of great importance, as a vet may deal with numerous medical conditions in a single day. Not only will the vet learn about different cases as part of the training, but they also work with a variety of individuals who may use different techniques to treat the same problem. This exposure to new ideas and methods becomes of great help when the individual goes out on his or her own.

Although it may be handy to have someone come to the home to care for a cat or dog, do not allow this to replace regular veterinary medicine. Ensure the animal is checked a minimum of once a year by someone who has completed the proper training and coursework. Pets become a part of the family, and they should be treated as such. Any pet owner in need of a new vet should check out Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing (Ahnfc.com). Dr. Crawley and Dr. Lewis are both trained in veterinary medicine, and they have a knowledgeable staff to back them up. Your pet deserves nothing less.

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