CASS Approved Solutions for Mail that Benefits You and the USPS

Handwritten addresses and return addresses do not work for a business anymore. It is too time-consuming and difficult for the electronic readers at the USPS to handle, so most companies use software that allows them to print out envelopes with the address information. This saves time, but people can still make mistakes, such as misspellings, wrong addresses and not knowing the ZIP code. While it is possible to look up any ZIP and ZIP+4 code, misspellings can sometimes be ignored and not including the entire address could pose problems for CASS approval.

What is CASS?

CASS is the Coding Accuracy Support System that was created by the USPS to help correct and match street addresses to their list of mailable addresses. There are many companies that provide solutions to CASS problems by creating software that will automatically fix misspellings, add parts of the address that were not placed, standardize addresses and include the ZIP and the +4 coding. However, the companies that offer software solutions must renew CASS certification each year to meet the current requirements of the United States Postal Service.


Most companies will need software that includes both CASS and DPV options. Delivery Point Validation will ensure that the USPS will actually deliver mail to that physical location. Many times, people confuse the terms deliverable and valid. A valid address can be anything that is in the USPS list of mailable addresses, though the USPS may not deliver there for many reasons. A deliverable address means that the United States Postal Service will go there to deliver mail.


Your benefits can include using verified and correct addresses before you mail them. This saves time and money because if you mail something that comes back to you, you will be required to pay for postage again to re-mail the item and it will take longer for the recipient to get the information. You may also be able to receive special discounts for bulk mailing. Most companies send out reminders or direct mail multiple times per month, which is called bulk mailing. If your addresses are correct and CASS certified, the USPS will offer discounts.

They offer these discounts because you are saving them time, labor and money. They are reducing the amount of mail that can’t be delivered and don’t have to hire as many people to sort through the mail, as it can be automatically sorted.

CASS solutions are easy to find and use. They also provide you and the USPS with many benefits. Therefore, consider Anchor Computer Software for all your software needs.Visit

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