How to Collect on Child Support in Chicago

How to Collect on Child Support in Chicago

If your spouse is delinquent in paying child support, there are a number of options available to allow you to secure necessary funds for your children. With expert legal advice, it is possible to receive all of the money that is owed to you, even if there are a number of back payments. To collect on child support in Chicago, it is essential to be familiar with changes in Illinois law as well as the methods of receiving funds.

Methods of Collection

If your ex-spouse has not paid child support, the first step is to seek legal advice. You will likely file a court order requesting child support payments. There are a number of ways of collecting current child support and getting back payments. One way to collect on child support in Chicago is to have your ex-spouse’s wages garnished. This will ensure that he or she can’t hide the money to avoid payment. It may even be possible to have an amount removed from social security payments to ensure your children receives support.

Percentage Versus Income Share

Illinois was one of the few states in the country that still relied on the percentage model for child support. This model takes a percentage of the income of the non-residential parent. Starting in July 2017, Illinois joined 40 other states and moved to the income share model. This method calculates the amount of child support owed according to the income of both parents. This new way to collect on child support in Chicago may or may not affect the amount owed, but it is important to check to see how payments may change under this new law.

Don’t Give Up

One quality that is needed to collect on child support in Chicago is persistence. Those who have been delinquent in paying child support can be highly resistant to taking responsibility. They may have learned strategies to get around this duty, but an effective lawyer can ensure that your former spouse finally takes responsibility. You owe it to your children not to give up and work towards receiving the child support your family deserves.

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