Doing Yard Maintenance Boulder CO To Eliminate Weeds From Landscaping

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Home and Garden

When someone owns their own home, they will most likely take steps in doing Yard Maintenance in Boulder CO to upkeep the exterior landscaping. Weeds can become abundant if the proper steps are not taken to eradicate them thoroughly. Here are some steps one can take to help eliminate weeds from their landscaping in an effective manner.

Pull Weeds From The Ground By Hand

It is important to take the time to pull weeds by hand. This ensures that the entire root of each weed is eliminated from the ground. If a weed is not grasped in a way where the roots are lifted, it is likely that the weed will grow back again. Some people use special tools which aid in lifting weeds from the ground, so their root area is still in tact. This tool works well with hardy stemmed weeds like dandelions.

Use The Right Agents To Help Thwart Weed Growth

In more severe cases, a weed killer should be applied to the landscape to eliminate weeds. It is important to find out what types of weeds are present, in addition to other foliage in the area. This will ensure the type of weed killer selected will not kill off plants the homeowner wishes to keep. Keeping the lawn mowed will help in the reduction of weed growth. It is a good idea to mow the lawn, so the blades are not too short. Many weeds require sunlight to grow. If the blades are longer, they will shade the ground where weeds are growing, making it harder for them to remain healthy. This will require that the lawn is mowed more frequently.

Hire A Landscaper To Tend To The Job

If the homeowner does not have the time to tend to the eliminating of weeds on their own, they may want to consider hiring a landscaping service to help with the job. They will use the appropriate tactics in doing Yard Maintenance Boulder CO with weeds in mind. The right lawn care agents will be used, and the lawn will be mowed according to a predetermined schedule to keep weeds at bay. Click here to find out more about Wards Lawn Service today!

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