Domestic Violence Proceedings Managed Through Criminal Law In Cincinnati, OH

In Ohio, domestic violence is a heinous crime that involves family members. In a domestic violence case, the victim could be a spouse, child, parent, or sibling. The case could include former romantic partners or spouses. The following are details about domestic violence proceedings managed through Criminal Law in Cincinnati OH.

What Evidence is Used in These Cases?

Physical evidence is the key to the case. The victim’s injuries are photographed and recorded in the police report. The victim must file formal charges against their attacker and provide witness testimony. Even if an officer witnesses the attack, the victim must press formal charges for the county to take action.

How Do Protection Orders Affect the Case?

The protection order is provided by the court when the victim makes this request. The order stops the defendant from producing more injuries. They cannot visit the victim’s home or any area in which they visit. This includes the victim’s workplace if they are an adult or the school if the victim is a minor. It also stops them from participating in potentially hazardous activities.

What Additional Issues Arise from These Cases?

If the victim was a spouse or a child, the charges could affect a divorce or child custody case. In a child custody case, the defendant can be deemed a risk to the child when the child is the victim. If the victim was the spouse, the court may require supervised visitation to mitigate possible risks.

How Can a Conviction Affect the Defendant’s Life?

A conviction will require the defendant to participate in an anger management program after their release from prison or county lockup. If they are charged with a felony, they could face difficulties in obtaining employment due to an elevated risk of violence.

In Ohio, domestic violence is a crime that involves current or former members of the same household. The offense could equate to physical or sexual assault. The severity of the victim’s injuries determines the classification of the offense. Defendants who are facing an offense managed through Criminal Law in Cincinnati OH can visit website or contact Engel & Martin, LLC immediately.

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