Why Hire a Professional for Tree Planting in East Lyme, CT?

When property owners hire tree services it is usually to remove limbs or pull down dead trees. A great many trees must be removed each year in order to prevent the spread of disease and ensure both environmental and resident safety. What many don’t realize is that hiring tree care professionals much earlier in the tree’s life-cycle can help prevent the need for removing it to begin with. Hiring a professional for tree planting in East Lyme, CT can help ensure the continued health of any specimens being planted. This can be done in several ways.

Plant the Right Trees

A tree care company offering comprehensive services will be more than willing to help property owners choose trees that are size and climate appropriate. It’s important to remember that saplings will grow quite quickly into full-sized trees. While an oak tree starts out small enough to plant in immediate proximity to a house or other structure it will very quickly grow into a massive giant that requires much more space and may need to be removed to protect the structure. Choosing a more appropriate species would have avoided the problem.

Encourage Healthy Growth

Like each species requires different amounts of space, each tree also requires different nutrient levels in the soil, different amounts of water, and different amounts of sunlight to thrive. Providing the right nutrients early on in their life cycles can help to strengthen the trees’ immune systems, making them less susceptible to fungal diseases and insect damage later in life.

Know Who to Call For Further Services

The same professional or company that helped select trees and get them in the ground will be better equipped to handle routine maintenance like pruning and providing appropriate fertilizer. Ideally the same tree service should be used throughout the life-cycle of the tree, as this will help to ensure that any potential health issues or site problems are caught early enough to be remedied without needing to remove the tree.

Click here to find a specialist with experience in tree planting in East Lyme, CT to help with landscape planning and introducing new specimens.

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