Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Norwich, CT

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Norwich, CT

When anyone suffers an injury due to a slip and fall accident at an area business, they will want to take the steps necessary to obtain compensation to pay for medical bills. There are many steps that will help in proving the accident was due to the business’ negligence. Here are some tips an injured person can use to help their personal injury attorney in Norwich, CT in proving the incident was the fault of business.

See If There Were Any Witnesses Near the Accident Site

It is important to find out if anyone witnessed the fall. If there were others in the business at the time the fall happened, someone might have seen a problem in the area where the fall happened. An attorney will aid in finding out who was on the premises when the accident happened and track them down to ask for statements regarding what they saw.

Find Out If Surveillance Footage Is Available

If the business has security cameras on the premises, there may be evidence as to how the slip happened on tape. An attorney will request that any surveillance tapes are released to be viewed. There may also be footage retained on a personal cell phone or video recorder that may show evidence regarding the floor or ground conditions where the fall happened.

Retain Documentation from a Physician

The person who became injured should get documentation from their physician regarding the extent of the injuries they sustained. There might be a clue in the paperwork to help in proving the injury was caused by the neglect of another. When there is a need to hire a personal injury attorney in Norwich, CT, finding someone with experience and a proven track record for proving someone else was to blame for an injury is best.

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