Sewer Repair Meets Technology

Sewer Repair Meets Technology

Imagine you’re relaxing at home when you hear a strange gurgling sound coming from the bathroom. When you go in to investigate, you notice that your toilet is the source of the bubbling sound. Then your nose detects a pervasive foul odor that can only mean one thing. It’s time to call a plumber because you need sewer repair in Marietta, Georgia.

Types of Sewer Repair

In the past, repairing a sewer line took days or weeks while men used jackhammers to break up concrete and excavation equipment to dig trenches. However, there is another option called trenchless technology, which allows the technician to complete the repair without digging trenches.

Trenchless Technology Is Fast

When compared to traditional sewer repair in Marietta, Georgia, trenchless technology is faster, cheaper, and more durable. Since the trenchless technology doesn’t require excavation to repair sewer pipes, the process moves along more quickly. Traditionally, technicians would dig a deep trench until they found the source of the problem. However, the trenchless technology uses micro video cameras to quickly identify the problem so it can be solved much faster.

Trenchless Methods Are Affordable

Trenchless technology is also less expensive than traditional methods. The process is completed without large-scale excavations, so you don’t have to pay for expensive machine rentals. In addition, because this technology requires only one technician and takes a fraction of the time, you are also saving money on the cost of labor.

Trenchless Pipes Don’t Require Connecting Joints

The process used for trenchless technology ensures the pipes are more durable than their traditional counterparts. Most sewer pipes have connecting joints which may be susceptible to damage from tree branches and other obstructions. However, the trenchless technology uses seamless pipes with a special epoxy lining, thereby eliminating joints and preventing future damage.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Is a Great Option

Dealing with sewer repair in Marietta, Georgia can be problematic for everyone living in your house. However, this inconvenience can be lessened by working with a technician who uses trenchless technology to ensure your problem is solved quickly and permanently. So, the next time you hear the gurgling sound, you’ll know what to do. For more information visit

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