How to Effectively Clean Polished Porcelain Tile in Folsom CA

Polished porcelain tile has a higher absorption rate and a softer cut than other types of tile. Because it’s strong, translucent, and aesthetically appealing, many people choose this type of tile. In order to maintain polished porcelain tile in Folsom CA, follow these easy and straightforward tips.

Clean Often

Standard wet mopping is simply not enough to effectively clean Polished Porcelain Tile in Folsom CA. A little more work must go into cleaning this type of tile. To successfully clean porcelain tile, start by vacuuming or sweeping up any debris located on the tiles. Do not use a regular broom. Instead, use a dry dust mop. Sweep in a diagonal motion. This will ensure that all foreign material stuck on the tile is removed.

From there, fill a bucket with half hot water and half mild cleaning solution. Dip the mop into the bucket and scrub the floor tile with the mop. Do this in a two direction motion. Once the floor is mopped with the cleaning solution, dump the bucket of dirty water out. Make a new bucket with just clean water. Use the clean water to mop over the cleaning solution. This will rinse off the floor. Lastly, allow the floor to air dry or use a lint-free rag to buffer the floor yourself.

Maintain It

Never use ammonia based products on porcelain tile. This will cause the tile to discolor. It also may alter the grout. Using bleach and acid based cleaners is also not a wise idea. It is also important to place mats or rugs in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. This will reduce tiny particles of dirt getting tracked in the flooring. Never use any steel wool pads on porcelain tile. Steel wool is a bit too tough for porcelain and it will cause rust stains in the grout. It also will discolor the tile.

Follow these two tips to ensure porcelain tiles maintain their sophisticated and intricate designs. If there are any questions regarding the care of porcelain tiles, click here to visit your local tile store’s website and browse the page or contact them using the appropriate form.

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