Is Propane Safe? – What You Need To Know

Is Propane Safe? – What You Need To Know

Many households that are currently using natural gas furnaces may be considering the switch to propane fuel. After all, propane can be used for many different purposes including grilling, cooking, heating a home, lighting, and much more. However some people wonder whether or not propane is a safe fuel to use in the home especially if they have pets and young children. Finding out about the safety levels of propane can help you decide if this fuel source is the right one for your needs.

Used throughout America

Propane appliances are manufactured to very rigorous safety standards. The propane industry itself has developed many different standards to quantify the safety of propane as a widely used fuel source. Propane can be safely transported and is used in more than 12.6 million homes across America. Propane gas in New Milford, CT area companies can provide as much information as potential customers need to help them decide whether or not to make the switch to propane fuel. As a clean energy source, there are many reasons why this fuel is a very popular option for most American households.

Safety facts about propane

There are many safety facts about propane that explain why it is such a widely used fuel source. One of the main facts is that it does not form a puddle on the floor when it leaks but instead it is vaporized into the air. In addition, when combined with air, it will not immediately ignite unless the ignition source reaches a very high temperature of 940 degrees. Unlike gasoline which will ignite when the source reaches only 430 to 500 degrees. This is one of the safety aspects of propane that makes it preferable to gasoline in many instances.

Detecting propane in the event of a spill

Commercial odorants are typically added to propane gas New Milford, CT residents use to enable them to detect a leak when it occurs. The smell is very pungent and strong and allows for propane leak detection to be made much easier. Propane gas in its natural state is colorless and odorless so with this added step, the propane gas New Milford, CT residents use is easy to detect in the event of a spill.

Residents of New Milford, CT use propane gas on a regular basis. Now you can have peace of mind knowing this fuel choice is very safe, clean, and efficient.

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