Lighten the Load with Custom Plastic Parts

Lighten the Load with Custom Plastic Parts

Do you need to reduce the overall weight of your design? Converting from metal parts to plastic components can significantly reduce the costs, design changes, overall weight, and waste. There are certainly benefits to using metal, but plastic materials come in varying strengths, are heat tolerant and chemical resistance.

Plastics continue to gain momentum as an alternative to metal products, and the number of alternative plastics continues to expand. While standardized and custom plastic parts are more susceptible to change under certain environmental conditions, the final determination to use the plastic material is based on normal or typical operating conditions.

Plastic or Metal?
If your company needs to reduce costs, precision plastic machined components can certainly be incorporated into finished designs. However, there are several considerations before converting the metal to plastic components in a design application. You need to determine the temperature, any chemicals, conduct heat, electricity, or have radio frequency, and any tolerances required to fit, form and function. Generating the answers to these questions should serve as a guide and narrow the list of potential plastic polymers that could be used. Another terrific benefit to plastic components is clarity.

Many commercial laboratories use clear plastic components for diagnostic instruments. Suppliers provide vapor and flame polishing to deliver the highest level of clarity that can be achieved by plastic machined components. These surfaces also need to be smooth and burr-free.

Plastic Machining Only
Identifying a custom plastic parts supplier is relatively easy. So, why not focus on a company that only produces plastics machining components? Typically the biggest problem with plastics machining vendors is clarity and stress cracking. There are benefits to working with a company that focuses solely on plastic machining. Test your design to be sure the output is right. A smart supplier understands the importance of prototyping before high-volume production.

When its time to develop and test your designs considers the benefits of plastic components. They are durable and easily machined to create clear components that withstand various conditions and corrosion. Suppliers should be certified and be able to demonstrate their craftsmanship in producing plastic components. Hire a supplier that specializes in producing custom plastic parts.

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