A Modern Look at Fathers’ Rights After Divorce

A Modern Look at Fathers’ Rights After Divorce

Divorce is never an easy solution for a couple with children. No parent wants to break apart their child’s family, and avoiding this through peaceful resolutions is the goal for most. Balancing a parent’s right to be involved with their child and their need to move on with their life after divorce can be a tricky matter, and even more complicated when the father is the one seeking legal advice.

The Father’s Rights Myth

There is a well-known and strongly-held belief among many people that the father is always at a legal disadvantage in a divorce. Decades ago, this may have been the case; fathers who left their wives and children often sacrificed visitation time and involvement and owed large sums of money to the mother of their children for the support they were not present to offer. However, today’s divorced fathers are different, and so is their legal stance during and after divorce settlement.

Modern fathers’ rights lawyers such as those at Keller Legal Services of Kane County, Illinois are quick to show modern separated and divorced fathers that remaining present and involved in their child’s life is easier than ever before. With the correct representation and guidance, fathers are better able to understand their rights to property, money and time with their children throughout the course of divorce proceedings, and are less likely to lose out on these valuable assets.

The Ins and Outs of Fathers’ Rights

Fathers’ rights attorneys are those with specialized legal knowledge and experience in a wide variety of applications, all involving parents, children, marriage and the family unit. Some areas of expertise that these lawyers can provide counsel on include:

  • DNA and paternity testing
  • Visitation rights
  • Custody issues
  • Child support
  • Spousal support, where applicable
  • Removal litigation
  • Post-divorce modifications and more

By hiring a legal professional with ample experience in these areas of law, a father is more likely to retain his full rights to visit, live with and be involved with his children, as well as keep more of his own money and property in his name.

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