Reviewing Possible Causes with a Paralysis Lawyer in Nassau County, NY

In New York, paralysis is caused by a multitude of accidents. The condition occurs when the spinal cord is injured, preventing the victim from walking in most cases. In more severe cases, the paralysis could affect their ability to breathe as well. It is either a temporary or permanent condition. A paralysis lawyer in Nassau County, NY helps victims that sustain injuries that cause this condition.

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents could lead to paralysis. Typically, it is caused by the impact of a collision. The location in which the automobiles collide determines how the paralysis occurs. Injuries caused by direct contact with another automobile are often permanent.

Injuries Caused by Criminal Acts

Criminal acts can produce spinal injuries as well. Shootings and stabbings are the most common criminal acts that produce paralysis. However, if the victim falls as a result of a criminal act, it is also possible to develop a spinal injury. If the defendant is convicted, the victim could utilize the outcome to prove their civil claim. However, the criminal case could acquire restitution for the victim.

Equestrian Accident Injuries

Equestrian arts could produce these injuries if the individual falls off the horse. Typically, the falls won’t produce a spinal injury every time. However, if the horse is moving at a higher speed, the impact of the fall could generate more severe injuries. The horse owner could be liable for the injury if they don’t provide an adequate duty to the victim.

Work-Related Injuries

Paralysis is possible in the workplace as well. A fall or faulty machinery are common causes. Any conditions that could lead to crushed vertebrates can lead to paralysis. The extent of the condition is based on what portion of the spine is injured.

In New York, accident victims who sustain spinal injuries could become paralyzed. The severity of the injuries defines whether or not the condition is permanent. The loss of function could present the victim with a higher monetary award in a lawsuit due to a decreased ability to support themselves financially. Victims who need help contact a Paralysis Lawyer Nassau County, NY can contact the Law Office of Steven R. Smith or visit  website right now.

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