Romeoville Auto Accident Attorneys Help with Bad Faith Claims

Romeoville Auto Accident Attorneys Help with Bad Faith Claims

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you are likely aware of the difficulty that ensures communicating with insurance, especially if the other part is at fault. When you’ve been injured in this type of accident, it may seem easier to simply settle with the insurance company. Before you do, it’s important to understand bad faith claims and how Romeoville auto accident attorneys can help if you’ve been victimized.

What Is a Bad Faith Claim?

In most cases, insurance companies settle for far less than what you would be entitled to if you went to court. This saves them time and money, making it an appealing option for insurance companies. However, laws are in place to protect individuals, requiring insurance companies to attempt to settle for fair compensation. When you’ve been denied benefits you are owed or feel you have not been compensated fairly for your injuries, you will need to work with experienced Romeoville auto accident attorneys to ensure the insurance company makes good on their policy.

Help Seeking Damages

When you feel you’ve been the victim of a bad faith claim, you will need the help of Romeoville auto accident attorneys to help you seek damages. While the insurance company may have only had to pay you more to compensate for your injuries, they will now likely face paying other expenses as well. This can include attorney fees and other court fees, up to double damages, injunction relief and more. Talking with an experienced attorney can give you a clear picture of what you can expect to receive from this type of case.

When you’ve been injured and someone else is at fault, you are owed compensation. However, insurance companies often employ bad practices of offering less than what you are entitled to. In these situations, an auto accident attorney can provide the guidance and representation you need to get what you deserve.

If you’ve been injured and need Romeoville auto accident attorneys to fight a bad faith claim, visit the Mary Ann Covone, Attorney at Law, website to find out more.

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