The Need for EMI Suppression in the 21st Century

The Need for EMI Suppression in the 21st Century

EMI or electromagnetic interference has been around for some time. However, the need to suppress this kind of common interference is greater than ever. Let’s take a closer look at electromagnetic interference, what it is, and why the need for EMI suppression is so great today.

What is EMI?

Suppose you have a radio with a typical electronic circuit. If there is a lawn mower or heavy power equipment nearby, it can create a great deal of static or interference. This is caused when electromagnetic energy (created by the ignition system) interferes with the circuitry of the radio. This is an example of electromagnetic interference. The most common methods of EMI suppression for this scenario, would be to run resistor spark plugs in the equipment or install a suppression filter within the radio circuits.

It is important to note, EMI is sometimes referred to as RFI or radio frequency interference.

Types of EMI

There are two basic types of electromagnetic interference sources:

* Broadband interference – this commonly comes from electric power lines or transformers.
* Narrowband interference – is a result of electronic equipment like cell phones, televisions and electrical equipment.

EMI can either be contact or non contact in nature. For example, the source can actually touch the circuits affected. However, most EMI is non contact and is transmitted through the air.

The Need for EMI Suppression in the Home

Your personal computer generates electromotive fields in the radio frequency (RF) range. Also, a cathode ray tube display produces great deal of interference. In fact, this can interrupt wireless signals in the home (like from your wireless router or telephone). It can also affect your home stereo or entertainment system.

Reducing EMI

There are several ways you can minimize interference. For example, making sure your electronic devices are properly grounded will help. You also can shield electrical cords, but one of the best ways is to install EMI suppression filters where they are needed.

Types of Suppression Filters (Common Mode)

* EMI/RFI suppression inductors – this can include low, medium and high power filters. It also includes common mode chokes and inductors.
* Telecom filters
* General isolation transformers
* Common mode LAN filters
* Ethernet filters
* Data connectors

Finding the Best Source for EMI/RFI filters

When you look for a supplier, check with someone you can trust and a company with years of experience. Look for companies with an international presence and the ability to provide all of the EMI suppression and electronic components you require.

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