Tips for Preparing for Successful Oilfield Construction

The Alberta area is one that boasts many oilfields, so pipeline fitters and pipeline supply companies are equally plentiful. Having the professionals on hand to get these complex tasks accomplished is part of what makes this part of Canada such a great supplier of petroleum products to the rest of the world.

How can these professionals make oilfield construction easier and more efficient? Here are some industry tips for creating the safest and most effective space for mining and refining:

Understand Environmental Impact Upfront

Oilfield construction by nature can have some negative impacts on the surrounding environment. To minimize these and prevent your project from falling victim to heavy fines or fees later, your entire team should undergo environmental impact training prior to beginning construction. This will give you and the world around you a little more peace of mind during and after your construction job!

Create Clear Access to the Site

One of the major pitfalls many construction companies make when creating a new oilfield is not ensuring clear and consistent roadway access to the site. This not only slows the process down, it can impede it entirely when machinery required for the job can’t reach the area under construction. Prevent this by creating access to your site from several directions with wide, level roads.

Start with a Clean Slate

Clearing away all vegetation, topographical unevenness and other features that can impede the oilfield construction process is an important step in creating an efficient site. Consider it like a blank canvas to paint your masterpiece into!

Oilfield construction begins and ends with a professional touch. When you’re ready to begin the process, don’t wait until the last few steps to call in the pros. Contact your local pipeline company, and get the safe, successful oilfield your clients are depending on.

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