Ways That a Sprinkler System Installation in Boulder CO Can Benefit Your Lawn

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Home and Garden

One of the summer’s least pleasurable activities is schlepping the garden hose from one end of the yard to the other. It takes time, it’s messy, and it doesn’t always get the job done. When no rain is in sight, a better option is to have a Sprinkler System Installation in Boulder CO, performed on your property. More than just convenient, it could mean the difference between a healthy, beautiful landscape and one that is parched and dried up.
Here are few of the benefits of an irrigation system installed by Wardslawn.com.:

  *      Improve Lawn and Landscape Appearance -; With regular irrigation by an installed system, your lawn will receive water in the appropriate amounts. When watering with a sprinkler and garden hose, some areas tend to get either too much or too little water. Both of which can be detrimental to lawn and plant health.

  *      Water Conservation -; An installed water sprinkler system conserves water consumption by ensuring that a certain amount of water is applied and not wasted or running down the storm sewer. A feature most systems have is a water sensor, which detects rain water and prevents the system from operating during rainfall.

The types of irrigation installed by professionals like Wards Lawn Service include spray and drip irrigation.

  *      Spray Irrigation -; Just like it sounds, this system sprays water over the lawn and landscape. Water is emitted through sprinkler heads called spigots that lie flush with the ground and pop up from water pressure when the system is turned on. They are divided into areas called zones and as one completes its cycle and turns off another one turns on. There will be slight overlapping between areas that get watered between the zones.

  *      Drip irrigation -; Drip irrigation is not used to water large areas of lawns but rather very specific areas. In drip irrigation systems water is delivered through tubing containing tiny holes that allow water to slowly seep into the soil. The tubing can be buried or lie on the surface of the soil. This type of irrigation provides precise delivery of water to a plant’s roots, wasting very little water due to splashing or runoff.

If you are uncertain as to what type of Sprinkler System Installation Boulder CO is best for your property, contact a sprinkler system professional for a recommendation. Most systems can be installed in a day’s time having you up and running in no time at all. Visit the website for more information.

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