What Should You Know About Social Security Disability Claims?

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Lawyers

Social Security disability insurance is available to people who are fully and permanently disabled and are no longer able to work. This insurance provides an income supplement to those who cannot work, because of a physical or mental disability. Although a disabled person has the right to receive benefits, many people are often denied because they did not provide the right paperwork or proof of disability. Many people have found it beneficial to work with an attorney to file their Social Security disability claims. While an attorney cannot guarantee an outcome, they can be helpful in ensuring the process is as stress-free as possible for the claimant.

The first step in Social Security disability claims is making sure the paperwork is properly filled out and filed. An attorney will work with their client to ensure all of the proper documentation is provided so there are no needless delays in the process of filing the claim. When filing a claim, one must prove they are fully disabled through medical records and forms filled out by their doctor. They must have at least two medical doctors to state the person is disabled and why.

Some people are denied when they first file for benefits, even when they have filled out their paperwork and provided the proper documentation. It is still unknown why some people are denied at first, but many of these people are able to receive their benefits after they appeal. An appeal will allow a person a hearing before an administrative law judge with the judge being responsible for deciding whether or not the claimant is eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Although the process can take time, one will be granted past benefits from the time they first filed. This results in them receiving a lump sum payment and then their regular monthly benefit payments thereafter.

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