What To Look For In Futon Covers, Mattresses, And Frames In Hawaii

The futon is a traditional Japanese mattress that lies on the floor at night and can be folded up and stored during the day. The Western version works a bit differently, most often resting on a frame that converts from a sofa to a bed. The Western futon mattress also tends to be larger, thicker, and heavier. It is usually stuffed with a combination of foam and cotton, though other stuffing materials are also used. When purchasing a futon, most customers buy a set that includes a frame, a mattress, and a cover.

Futon frames are usually made of wood, though metal frames are becoming popular nowadays. The two main types of frame are bi-fold and tri-fold. The bi-fold frame folds once in the middle of the futon, and it resembles a standard sofa in the upright position. Some bi-fold frames need to be pulled away from the wall when they are converted into a bed, but there is also a wall-hugging design with a back frame that stays flush against the wall while the seat and back are extended outward. The tri-fold design folds in two places across the length of the mattress, resulting in a lounge chair design that supports the user’s back, seat, and legs.

For a bi-fold frame, an eight-inch thick or thicker mattress is recommended. A futon that will be used as a sofa in the upright position will need the rigidity provided by cotton and foam stuffing. A cotton-only or cotton-polyester mattress would be likely to sag. For a tri-fold frame, a six-inch thick mattress at minimum is recommended. Other mattress materials include foam only, which can provide more cushioning than other materials, and innerspring, which also provides a rigid structure for use as a daytime sofa.

Futon covers Hawaii are the key to a futon’s overall aesthetic. Futon covers are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, microfiber, and cotton-polyester blends. Since covers are washable and changeable, it’s possible to have several and change the look of the furniture from one season to the next; a new cover can match a new paint color or other change in room decor. Futon covers Hawaii are available in solid colors as well as Hawaiian and Japanese-style prints. For more information about futons and futon covers, visit Webiste.

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