What You Need to Know About Mastectomy Breast Forms

What You Need to Know About Mastectomy Breast Forms

Although techniques in reconstruction have improved greatly in recent years, some women choose to live without a breast or even the appearance of a breast after breast surgery. However, many others turn to mastectomy breast forms, which are also known as external breast prostheses or prosthetic breasts. These forms can make clothes look more attractive and can help women to feel like they did before their breast surgery.

Types of Breast Forms
There are several types of mastectomy breast forms based on material and style. There are silicone forms and forms made of fiberfill or foam that are designed to be worn right after a mastectomy, in hot weather or during workouts.

Mastectomy breast forms can also be attachable in that they are fastened to the wall of the chest using adhesive tape. Soft camisoles that have breast forms in a pocket in the camisole can also be worn right after a mastectomy while healing is in progress.

Breast Form Benefits
If a mastectomy is done on only one breast, a woman can become somewhat asymmetrical so that the breast form serves the purpose of helping women to regain symmetry. It can also assist with posture as the correct form can help women to stand up straighter and avoid spinal curvature. Less muscular pain is another outcome in that women tend to slouch less with a breast form. Finally, women tend to feel more comfortable in the clothing they are wearing.

Finding the Right Breast Form
Given the variety of mastectomy breast forms, it is best to purchase these prostheses along with a personal consultation from a certified fitter. When trying the various breast forms, a form-fitting top should also be worn so that the exact shape of the form can be seen. The focus should also be on comfort and style and ensuring that both breasts match in appearance. With the right breast forms, most women can achieve the symmetry they want.

A soft foam form with no weights should be purchased for right after the surgery to allow the body to heal. Then four to six weeks later, weighted silicone and other forms can be purchased that will better match the breast on the other side of the body.

It is also important to have patience while shopping in order to select the most appropriate form.

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