You Dog After Five: Four Common Health Problems

If your dog is celebrating its fifth birthday, he or she is or is moving into the stage of life called senior citizen. Form this age onwards, like their senior human counterpart, your dog or cat will require special attention for needs that are not or are rarely found in those younger animals. A vet in Jacksonville can confirm whether this is to be the case with your own close canine companion. It becomes important at this stage to recognize the potential health problems and be ready to handle them

Dogs like many humans can be prone to arthritis when they reach that certain age. In fact, according to your average vet, arthritis is one of the most common and prevalent problems your dog can face. Causal factors to consider when talking to your vet in Jacksonville are:

*Lack of certain nutrients
*Former injuries
*Excess weight
*The breed German Shepherd, Labrador

Arthritis in canines may not adhere to a strict arthritis. It may come in the form of Osteoarthritis, Myostis (inflammation of the joints) or Spondylosis (spinal arthritis).

Canines suffering from arthritis exhibit difficulty getting up. They may no longer want to jump or climb onto couches or raised surfaces. They show stiffness in their joints and limbs, no longer moving with the once noted fluidity. A vet in Jacksonville, by probing gently may note a loss of tone and muscle mass.

Depending upon the veterinarian, the treatments may consist of drugs. These are usually anti-inflammatories. Another form of therapy is massage. Acupuncture has also been felt to reduce the pain.

Hearing Loss
While dogs are known for having “selective hearing” actual hearing loss does occur after age five. Age is one factor. Past instances of ear infections or the construction of the ear canal are also contributory factors. Some dogs have naturally narrow ear canals.
Treatment suggested by a vet in Jacksonville may include ear drops to handle any infection. He or she may also ask you raise your voice and stomp your feet in a pleasant way to get the attention. Keeping the animal on a leash when walking will help prevent harm coming from not hearing.

Decreased Sight
Your canine can and probably will suffer from decreased sight. After age five the potential increases for certain eye health issues increases. Among the more common ones to watch out for are:

*Cataracts: Note any change in eye color
*Glaucoma: Fluids increase on the eye
*Dry eye: Fluids decrease in and on the eye

Tumors and Cancer

Canines as they age can become home to tumors. They may or may not be cancerous. Many are benign but malignant cancerous growths can quickly spread. Surgery or some homeopathic treatments can help.AS your vet in Jacksonville runs his or her hands over your dog’s body, he or she can detect some growths. You can perform this action at home to help with early detection.

Talking to Your Vet in Jacksonville
As your dog ages, you need to be more vigilant. Exercise, diet and a good environment can all help to keep him or her healthy. Before health issues occur, if you are in Florida, talk a reputable vet in Jacksonville. He or she can provide you with some useful information on how to help your pet remain strong and healthy.

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