Get Amazing Pizza to Die for in West Milford

West Milford is far from being the home of the best pizza in all of New Jersey. However, there a few places that can surprise you with a real pizza that has a gentle cheesy taste and a tempting aroma you can’t resist. Where can you find it? It’s not as hard as it may seem at first. A small bit of research on the local places and their websites will save you from a headache and disappointment during your search for the best pizza in West Milford, NJ.

The key principles of the perfect pizza:
Pizza made with a frozen crust, store-bought sauce and stale ingredients is not what can make a picky eater satisfied. Fortunately, there are pizza places that understand this and make everything they can to ensure pizza eaters visit hungry and leave happy. You can easily find such places if you are looking for the best pizza in West Milford, NJ. Here is how you can distinguish the real mouthwatering pizza from its frozen tasteless copies:

*The real pizza is made with a fresh pizza crust, which is made daily and directly in the pizza place. The frozen store-bought crust will never taste the same as the homemade version.
*The aroma of real pizza is mouthwatering and unforgettable thanks to the fresh ingredients and time honored recipe of seasonings.
*Every serious pizza place has their own custom recipe for sauce and special seasonings you need to try.
*Real pizza is juicy and flavorful. Frozen and mass produced pizzas are dry and disappointing.
*Only the fresh blend of different cheeses must be used for a cheesy, tender pizza you are going to love!

Some interesting facts about pizza in America:
1. Americans eat around 251,770,000 pounds of pepperoni every year.
2. 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly at least once a week and 36% of all ordered pizzas are topped with pepperoni.
3. Pizza accounts for around 10 percent or even more of all food service sales in America.
4. The sale of pizza spikes the most during Halloween,  Super Bowl Sunday,  New Year’s Eve, and the night before Thanksgiving.
5. Everyone in the US consumes about 46 pizza slices each year.
6. October is the US official pizza month.
7. Saturday night is the most popular time to order and eat pizza.
8. Americans tend to order more pizzas with meat toppings (62%), than with vegetables (only 38%).

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